Smart earbuds built for swimmers

Patented earbuds that make your swimming engaging with crisp music, guided workouts, and live feedback all built in!

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Automatic Swim Tracking

Athlos Live™ earbuds record your workouts! See your times, distances, strokes, and calories burned on the Athlos App.

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No interval math. No pace clocks. Just Listen.

Create your own swimming workouts and Athlos Live™ will cue what to swim and when to go!

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Built For Swimmers

Athlos Live earbuds are designed to withstand all elements while delivering you the best audio experience so you can stay engaged and focused.

Engineered with innovative speakers that penetrate through water so you can always hear your music even if water enters your ears.

More than just audio, Athlos Live also automatically tracks your swims so you can see your times, strokes, calories burned and more!

Guided Audio Workouts

Create your workout on the Athlos App, and Athlos Live will guide you through it! Just listen for what to swim and when to go.

No more interval math. No more forgetting your sets. Athlos Live takes care of it all!

Athlos Live also supports audio HIIT workouts for your dryland activities! Create your workout, sync, and Athlos Live will guide you through it.

More than an MP3 Player

4 GB of storage allowing over 1200 songs for the water.

You can also stream music from your apps on land by wirelessly connecting to your phone, computer, or watch.

Automatically tracks your activities and gives live audio feedback, all while playing your favorite songs, podcasts, or audio books.

Extraordinarily Waterproof

Athlos Live earbuds have an official IPX8 rating and can be submerged up to 3 meters for 8 hours.

No buttons means no weak points for water to enter the earbuds. Athlos Live instead uses intuitive sliding controls, making the device small and thin yet incredibly waterproof. You can pause, play, skip, rewind, go to the previous song, and connect to other devices.

Swim with Fun!

Reflect and Improve with the Athlos App

View all your tracked workouts with the Athlos Live App. See the strokes, distances, and lap times you swam.

Customize your earbuds by choosing what you want tracked and what live audio reports you want to hear.

Keep track of your progress and stay accountable with the Athlos App.


See what people have to say about their land and swimming workouts with Athlos Live!

The best swimming experience I've had was with the Athlos Live earbuds

"Very easy to use. Very intuitive controls. The live audio feedback is super unique and innovative. Once I found the right eartip that fit my size the sound quality was great. Overall I'd give it a 10/10!

"It's really cool. It stays in your ear really well even when you do flipturns and everything, and you can hear music well even underwater."

"Went for an hour of lap swimming and worked without a hitch!"

"This definitely makes my swimming more engaging. Hearing the earbuds speak -- telling me when and what to swim -- it's a game changer!

"Once I figured out how to position them with my goggles, they stayed in my whole swimming workout. The audio quality was great – it actually got better underwater! Having music in the background helped me focus and I could really jam and exercise in the water just like I might if I were in the gym!"

Even More Than Swimming

Athlos Live smart earbuds track a whole suite of activities in addition to swimming. On land or underwater, thrive in your workouts with Athlos Live.

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A built-in AI coach that adapts to you

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