Shatter Limits. Build Champions.

Reimagine earbuds: get realtime audio coaching, precise fitness tracking, and elite sound quality all in your ear. On land or underwater. No other devices needed.

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A personal coach in your ear

Athlos Live™ earbuds provide real time coaching and tailored feedback throughout your workout for all kinds of activites.

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Transform your Swimming Workouts

Hear your lap time and count every turn. Jam to crisp music even when water floods your ears. Automatically records your swimming workouts

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Standalone Intelligence

Leave your phone behind. Athlos live earbuds are the only device you need to listen to music, track your activities, and hear live feedback.

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Your own Interval Trainer

Athlos Live manages your workouts so you don't need to remember them. Just listen for cues and go to work!

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A built-in AI coach that adapts to you

Thrive Underwater

Innovative speakers that immerse you with clear music even when water floods your ears.

You create your workouts. The built-in AI coach will give audio cues for your swims and do the interval math for you.

Stay focused and informed by hearing your lap time and count after each turn.

Freedom on Land

Leave your phone behind for a free, lightweight run. Athlos Live earbuds are the only device you'll need.

Live audio coaching and motivation to push you towards your goals.

Self learning algorithms tailored to track your running.

Soar in the Air

Measure your vertical height: a fun, interactive way to train your bounce!

Hear how high you leap after you land. No vertec: just jump and listen.

Congratulates you when you break your personal record.

Enhance your Interval Workouts

Create your HIIT or swimming interval workouts. The built-in AI coach will cue the next exercise or swim for you.

No mental math, no timers, no clocks. Just listen for the AI coach in your ears!

Hear audio alerts at halfway and when there's 10 seconds left.

Reflect and Improve with the Athlos App

View detailed fitness analyses on your activities.

Customize your earbuds with preferred configurations.

Keep track of your progress and stay accountable with the Athlos App.


See what people have to say about their land and swimming workouts with Athlos Live!

"Very easy to use. Very intuitive controls. The live coaching is super unique and innovative. Once I found the right eartip that fit my size the sound quality was great. Overall I'd give it a 10/10!

"It's really cool. It stays in your ear really well even when you do flipturns and everything, and you can hear music well even underwater."

"Went for an hour of lap swimming and worked without a hitch!"

"This definitely makes my HIIT training more engaging. It's really nice having the voice cues tell me when to stop, start, and how long to rest. It also helps a lot to hear that "halfway there" cue in the middle of a hard exercise!"

"The vertical jump feature was really good. As someone who is trying to improve my basketball game and try to dunk it was really good to have that feature. Over time I can definitely see how it would help me benchmark my results better than traditional methods of measuring my vertical jump!"

"Once I figured out how to position them with my goggles, they stayed in my whole swimming workout. The audio quality was great – it actually got better underwater and I'm not sure why! Having music in the background helped me focus and I could really jam and exercise in the water just like I might if I were in the gym!"

Athlos Live: Earbuds Reimagined

  • Thrives on land and underwater with IPX8 rated resistance. Immerse Yourself in new training experiences

  • A standalone device for music, tracking, and live audio coaching. Completely transforms your workout to be fun and engaging.

  • Adjustable ear hooks and 6 pairs of eartips for a customized fit

  • Astonishing sound quality. Deep, rich bass and clear details even when water floods your ears

Product Features


Hear customizable, realtime audio feedback on activities such as running, swimming, and vertical height jumping while having them recorded. View your progress on the Athlos app as you strive towards your athletic goals


Make workouts fun and engaging by training with our built-in AI coach. He'll adapt to you to provide live tailored motivation and feedback that you can react to mid workout.


Athlos Live is built with enhanced HD audio speakers and an advanced underwater system. We provide a deep, full bass and clear, lively sound. Store over 5000 songs with 16 GB of storage.


Workout without the hassle of carrying other devices: forget lifting your wrist to your eyes or unlocking your phone mid run for progress. Hear live audio feedback without breaking your rhythm.


More than just under-the-faucet waterproof, Athlos Live products are built for both land and water. Elevate your swimming workouts with clear music and timely audio reports. Enjoy your songs and podcasts in the shower.

Let's Redefine Earbuds