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Our engineering team has spent years iterating and improving over 10 different prototypes before arriving at our final and best design. We have learned a tremendous amount from our users and have continued to innovate by using a variety of creative and resourceful methods. Here are some of the technical highlights that we have incorporated to help transform your workouts. 

World class seals and designs for water protection:

Whereas most devices as small as Athlos Live can only survive a 30 minute swim, our product is built in a way that minimizes exposure to water to prevent any micro-leakage. Swim, dive, or shower with no worries.

Resource efficient multi-tasking real time programming:

Innovative engineering and programming makes it possible to fit the most sophisticated AI fitness analyses into tiny integrated circuits. This technology allows Athlos Live to support all of our functions without relying on the computing power of a computer, smartphone, or smartwatch.

A well tested, user-friendly app:

Our well tested user-friendly Athlos App can be used to sync with your earbuds to record all activities, view fitness analyses, and customize the Athlos device to your desired configurations. 

Self-learning algorithms:

We understand that we are all at different stages in our fitness journey, so the team has created self-learning algorithms embedded in Athlos Live earbuds that adapt to users of different capabilities under different conditions. These algorithms power the virtual coach and refine individual user tracking.

Easy-to-use slider:

We've devised a single contactless slider to control all functions, allowing for easy on-the-fly controls in the middle of your workout.

Moldable, secure earhooks:

Intense workouts can involve intense movements, which is why Athlos Live comes with moldable earhooks that keep the earpieces secure and stable for all land and water activities.

Athlos underwater speakers:

Water is 830 times more dense than air. This means that for most products, water entering your ear would prevent you from hearing any music. That's why we've built advanced underwater audio systems that can still deliver clear music to you even if water gets in your ear.

Solid battery life:

Athlos live comes with 5+ hours of continuous operation on a fully charged battery, giving users the flexibility to workout multiple times without needing to charge.

Extensive storage:

Our flash memory comes with enough storage for 5000 songs, giving you the option to listen to your favorite tracks without an external device unless you want.

Reliable wireless connections:

Long pairing times and weak wireless links are always annoying. Athlos Live values your time. A reliable built-in antenna gives our earbuds the ability to establish secure wireless connections with external devices for smooth audio streaming.