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Who are we?

Athlos Technology Inc is on a mission to empower everyone's fitness life by reimagining and enhancing the way we all workout. Fitness and physical health should be one of the most accessible ways to transform a life – we are devoted to developing innovations for wearable electronic products that can help people unleash their inner champions and unlock their physical potential. Athlos Live earbuds are our first product, and we're only just beginning.

What does "Athlos" mean?

The word Athlos derives from the Greek word that means to "compete" or "contest" in a sports setting. While not everyone may actively play competitive sports, we chose the word "Athlos" as a reminder that everyone can have that athlete's mindset - competing with ourselves and breaking our own limits. Athlos Live is built to help our users achieve their goals by bringing an amazing fitness partner in a pair of earbuds to push them and hold them accountable.

What does "Live" mean?

We chose Athlos "Live" because we strive to provide our users with actionable, quality feedback that is "live" or realtime so that they can react to it as they are working out. Looking and awkwardly fumbling with screens can completely disrupt a workout especially if it is mid exercise. We want to transform the way workouts are done by keeping our users in their rhythm and groove while still providing timely insights just like a personal trainer or coach would!